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Homework No. 3 2011 - The pressure drop through a flat...

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Homework No. 3 Due September 23, 2011 Twenty five solar flat plate collectors are connected in a parallel piping configuration. Each collector requires 1 gpm of water. There is a gate valve located at the inlet and outlet of each collector. There is also a circuit setter (equivalent in pressure drop to a globe valve) at the inlet of each collector to measure and balance the flow to each collector. There is 120 feet (developed length) of supply piping between the circulating pump discharge and the most remote solar collector. There is 135 feet (developed length) of return piping between the most remote solar collector and the storage tank. There is a nominal number of fittings (assume a multiplier of 1.2) in the circuit. This would include the gate valves and circuit setters.
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Unformatted text preview: The pressure drop through a flat plate collector is approximately 5.2ft water. The heat exchanger in the storage tank has a pressure drop of 5 ft. water. There is an air separator installed in the loop that has a pressure drop of 3 ft. water. a. What size schedule 40 steel pipe would you use for the main supply and return piping? b. What would you estimate the total head loss in ft. of water to be for this system? c. If a circulating pump could be used for this system with an efficiency of 65%, what would be the brake horsepower requirement for this pump? d. If the motor on this pump has an efficiency of 92% and electricity costs $0.16/kWh, what would be the annual cost of running this pump if it runs 5 hours per day on the average, 365 days per year?...
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