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Unformatted text preview: EML 5104 Classical Thermodynamics, Spring 2010 Quiz 2, 15 Jan 2010 Name: ___________________________________ Please sign the honor pledge: "On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment." _________________________________ Signature Q1: Which is not a correct statement of the 1st Law of TD for closed systems (1.5P) a) δ Q − δ W = 0 ∫ ∫ Q − W = E2 − E1 c) Q1− 2 − W1− 2 = E2 − E1 dE d) Q − W = dt b) Q2: Explain the individual terms of this expression of Energy change between state 1 and state 2 (2.5P) E2 − E1 = U 2 − U1 + 1 mV22 − 1 mV12 + mgz2 − mgz1 + ( Em , 2 − Em ,1 )i 2 2 Q3: A “Quasi ­static” process is (1.5P) a) diathermal, b) isothermal, c) infinitely slow, d) none of the above. Q4: Mark the expression for the differential work with respect to kinetic rotational energy (1.5P) a) – F dx b) – m g dh c) – T dθ d) – i dΦ Q5: ½ m V22  ­ ½ m V12 is (1.5P) a) the differential work with respect to rotational kinetic Energy b) The difference between translational kinetic Energies of a mass m between states 2 and 1 c) The potential energy difference between state 1 and 2 d) The sum of b) and c) Q6: Insert the missing term into this open system statement of the 1st Law (2P) ( ) dE = Q − W + ∑ m h + 1 V 2 + gz 2 dt in Turn page! EML 5104 Classical Thermodynamics, Spring 2010 Q7: Derive an expression for the work done by n moles of an ideal gas that expands from V1 to V2 V2 (V1 <V2) isothermally (const. T). Use pV = nRT and W1− 2 = ∫ p dV (4P) V1 Q8: Sketch the process from Q7 in a p V diagram, indicate the work done (2P) Q9: Give a mathematical expression for the specific Enthalpy, h, in terms of the specific internal energy, u, and other intensive state variables (properties), explain each variable (2P) Q10: The pressure work done at the inlet and outlet ports of an open system is accounted for in the open system description of the 1st Law of TD in which of the following terms (1.5P) W m h c) Q d) m g z a) b) Points: _______/ 20 P Turn page! ...
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