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ENU 4134 – Course Introduction D. Schubring Fall 2011 Course Introduction ± Distribution of Syllabus ± Course Outline ± Website & Lecture Notes ± Homework ± Examinations ± Projects ± Grading ± Policies Outline ± Introduction (2 classes) ± Averaging & Transport Equation (4 classes) ± HEM & SFM (3 classes) ± Flow Regimes and Regime Maps (5 classes) ± Pressure Drop Models (3 classes) ± Choked (Critical) Flow (2 classes) ± Boiling Heat Transfer (7 classes) ± Reactor heat generation/transfer (3 classes) ± Single-channel analysis (4 classes) ± Thermal design & supplementary topics (6 classes) + 2 exams, ±nal, 2 days of presentations, and 2 days for the ANS Winter Meeting Website http://victr.nre.u².edu/Teaching/Fall2011/ENU4134.html ± Syllabus and Learning Objectives ± Homework Assignments/Solutions ± Project Assignments/Solutions ± Exam Preview/Assignment/Solutions ± Lecture Notes/Supplements ± Potentially Useful Links Lecture Notes Notes for all lectures are available on the website as individual documents or in one ±le. These can serve as a useful quick reference while doing homeworks or during the open book part of the exam. Online Lecture Notes Are Not. .. ± ... a substitute for reading/consulting the textbook. ± ... a complete set of lecture notes. Topics will be discussed in class that extend on many of the slides. ± ... optimized for printing (they are, instead, optimized for the projector). ± ... printed for you (unless the website is down or I ±nish them very late). ± ... necessarily free of errors (please bring to my attention). ± ... made in PowerPoint.
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“Enrichment” Some slides in the lecture notes will have “(Enrichment)” in their titles. These are (typically brief) topics related to the core course material. Objectives: ± Introduce you to advanced topics and applications of material not studied until the graduate level. ± Allow you to focus on concepts rather than detailed calculations. Short version: “enrichment”=“not on the exam or homework”. (May improve projects.) Homework A total of 6 HW assignments are included in the grading for this course. Typically: 2-5 problems, couple-few hours per assignment. Mixture of textbook, other textbook(s), instructor-written problems. Hard-copy solutions required; electronic work Fles may be required for some problems. There is no need to include the assignment sheet in your submission. Examinations Evening exams in U±-designated timeslot (2020-2200 [ew!]). Only speciFc con²icts are to be accommodated, see syllabus. Any known con²icts – advise this week, exam dates Fnalized ±riday. Part I of exams: conceptual understanding. Minimal calculations, closed note, closed book. Part II of exams: problem-solving. Open book, restricted open note. Zero tolerance on electronic disruptions – your phone rings, I collect your exam.
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All_Fall_2011_Slides - Course Introduction ENU 4134 Course...

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