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Boiling Hand-out 1 – D. Schubring 1 Consider the following boiling water reactor case: Pitch = 16 mm (1) D rod = 12 . 5 mm (2) T sat = 250 C (3) T wall = 257 C (4) x e = x = 0 . 15 (5) G = 1800 kg m - 2 s - 1 (6) 1. Compute the pitch-to-diameter ratio, the ratio between equivalent round tube Nu and that in the rod bundle, and the hydraulic diameter of a sub-channel. Assume an infinite rod array and use Equation 10-101b to compute ψ . 2. Compute q 00 using the simple Thom correlation, further assuming that
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Unformatted text preview: q 00 increases by the same factor ( ψ ) as does a heat transfer coefficient. 3. Compute htc lo , including the ψ factor, which you’ll need for the more advanced correlations in the next two parts. 4. Compute q 00 using the Dengler and Addoms correlation, which assumes annular flow. 5. Compute q 00 using the Collier and Pulling correlation, which makes no assumption about flow regime....
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