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EMA4161c_Fall_2010_Design_Project_Syllabus(1) - Fall 2011...

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Fall 2011 EMA 4161C, Section 9677 PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF POLYMERS DESIGN PROJECT Instructor : Dr. A.B. Brennan Office: 309 MAE Telephone 352.392.6281 (o) 352.378.6049 (h) Email [email protected] Office hours : Mon Period 3 & Wed Period 2 or By Appointment Website: http://brennan.mse.ufl.edu/ema4161c.html MSE Dept. Chairman : Dr. P. Simon 100 Rhines 352.846.3782 RECOMMENDED : DESIGNING PLASTIC PARTS FOR ASSEMBLY (1998), Paul A. Tres, Hanser, ISBN 1-56990-243-7 (RECOMMENDED ONLY) EVALUATION : The design project is a team based assignment. The scope is limited by the semester time frame. It is however critical that each student understand the expected outcomes. a. Outcome #2: Ability to apply and integrate knowledge of structure, properties, processing, and performance to solve materials selection and design problems within realistic constraints. (Medium) a.i. Design project device a.ii. Design project materials selection b. Outcome #3: Ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams. (High) b.i.
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