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FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering EML4930/5930: Energy Conversion Systems II Spring 2006 Lab 3: Concentrated Solar Power Basic Concept One of the most cost efficient ways of generating electricity from solar radiation is through solar thermal power – turning solar heat in to electricity. Direct solar radiation can be concentrated and collected by Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technologies to provide medium to high temperature heat. The heat is then used to operate a conventional power cycle, for example, through a steam turbine or Stirling engine. Four main elements are required to produce electricity from solar thermal power: 1) concentrator, 2) receiver, 3) heat exchanger, and 4) storage and power conversion equipment. The small thermal power units which use a parabolic (dish) shaped reflector to concentrate sunlight use heated gas to generate power in a small engine at the focal point of the reflector. This lab is aimed at providing hands on experience with the different elements of a dish-engine system. The Sun The sun is the closest star to the earth, with inner temperatures reaching 40 million Kelvin, and a surface temperature of 6000 Kelvin. The origin of the enormous amount of radiant energy that is emitted by the sun is due to the thermo-nuclear processes which take place within the sun. The diameter of the sun is 1.39x10 9 meters and is located 1.49x10 11 meters from the earth. At this distance, the earth receives 1.35kW of thermal power for each square meter at the terrestrial orbit level. The solar radiation is thus reduced in the terrestrial atmosphere, thus reaching the earths surface with about 1.1 kW/m 2 of solar radiation. With this amount of solar radiation, solar-thermal flat plate collectors can be used, but can only
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Lab3 - FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Department of...

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