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Guidelines for Writing Laboratory Reports Spring 2006 I. Cover Page Each report (short or long) must have a cover page providing the following information: Experiment number and title. Name of author. Group number and names of other group members. Date when experiment was performed and date report was due. II. Abstract (Executive Summary) An abstract or executive summary is the essence of the whole report. By reading a well-written abstract the reader should know what was done, why it was done, how it was done and what the significant results were. If you were asked to determine specific values of certain parameters or properties in the experiment e.g. lift coefficient, thermal conductivity, etc, you should include the numerical values of these parameters in the abstract. The abstract should be very brief, between 200-250 words and should not provide details of the experiment. The purpose of the abstract is to provide enough information to the reader that s/he may get the gist of the study and then decide whether to read the report for details. Remember that an abstract is NOT AN INTRODUCTION; this is probably the most common mistakes made by students. III. Background and Introduction This section is designed to provide the following: Background Information : by providing some background you introduce the reader to the problem under study and hence explain the . .. Motivation
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reportguideline - Guidelines for Writing Laboratory Reports...

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