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EML 4450/5451 Energy Conversion Systems I (Sustainable Power Generation I) Fall 2006 Examination #2 November 14, 2006 Closed Book Name: Solutions Time: 75 minutes SS#: xxx-xx-xxxx 1. For a standard solar spectrum (AM 1.5), show the plot between the solar cell efficiency and semiconductor band gap. Indicate the maximum efficiency and the optimum band gap. 2. Define the solar cell power density and fill factor. Show schematically, the variation of power density in a J – V plot where, J is the current density and V is the Bias voltage. Also indicate in this plot, the open circuit voltage, short circuit current and maximum power point. Power density: P = JV Fill Factor (FF): FF = V m J m V oc J sc
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3. State the reasons for reduced performance of real solar cells from an ideal cell. 4. Calculate the area required for a solar panel, made of first generation solar cells, that is designed to produce 100 W of power to charge a 12V battery pack. Determine the number of solar cells and the typical electrical circuit needed to make the panel. State
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EML4450_Exam2_solns - EML 4450/5451 Energy Conversion...

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