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EML 4550/5451 Energy Conversion Systems for Sustainability Homework # 3 Due: Tuesday September 19, 2006 CLEARLY STATE ANY ASSUMPTIONS Topic: Estimating the cost of electricity using photovoltaics 1. Compare the total purchase costs of a nominally 2.5 kW (peak) photovoltaic system for the following three choices of solar modules: a) First generation crystalline silicon modules of 15% energy conversion efficiency at a projected cost of $240/m 2 ; b) Second generation thin film modules of 10% conversion efficiency at a projected cost of $50/m 2 ; c) Third generation polymer modules of 50% conversion efficiency at a projected cost of $80/m 2. Assume that the balance of the system components, including installation and everything in the system other than the photovoltaic modules, is about 60% of
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Unformatted text preview: the total module cost. (Solar modules are normally given a rating under peak sunlight, which corresponds to an intensity of 1 kW/m 2 ) 2. Estimate the area required for generating 50 MW peak power using second-generation thin film PV modules. Calculate the cost per kWh for such an installation. 3. The city of Tallahassee is contemplating supporting the construction of a conventional coal plant. Given the health and environmental costs of about $0.07/kWh, and the cost of todays electricity being $0.14/kWh, how large does a system that uses 2nd generation PV modules have to be in order to make economic sense? Dont forget to include installation costs....
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