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EML4550HW4 - 2 in Tallahassee 3 Calculate the daily...

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EML 4550/5451 Energy Conversion Systems for Sustainability Homework # 4 Due: Tuesday September 26, 2006 CLEARLY STATE ANY ASSUMPTIONS SHOW YOUR CALCULATIONS Topic: Solar radiation on an optimally inclined collector 1. For each month calculate the average hours per day of sunshine in Tallahassee. 2. Plot the yearly profile of mean solar radiation in kWh/m
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Unformatted text preview: 2 in Tallahassee. 3. Calculate the daily irradiation in Tallahassee (in kWh/m 2 ) for the 15 th day of every month as a function of the south facing panel inclination angle in degrees (in 5 degree increments). 4. Using the results of question 3, determine the optimum inclination angle for collection of the maximum annual irradiation....
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