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Social Psychology Final Review Social Facilitation Robert Zajonc – Three Elements 1. The mere presence of others increases physiological arousal 2. Physiological arousal increases the likelihood of the dominant response 3. For well learned tasks, the dominant response is the correct response and performance is facilitated; for novel tasks, the dominant response is not the correct response and performance is hindered Norman Triplett- first psychological study -cycling performance Cockroach study -cockroaches go faster for direct path when around other cockroaches, go slower when the path is indirect Pool playing study Chris Finnegan- could not pee into a cup Cottrell- word pronunciation experiment -But no real alone condition
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Unformatted text preview: Lab clothing experiment-People are faster at familiar tasks in the presence of others and slower at novel tasks in the presence of others Subjects type code name into a computer alone, mere presence, or with audience Evolutionary Psychology We prefer things that have been traditionally beneficial and fear things that have been traditionally harmful Sex differences in mate preferences 1. Differential parental investment-reproduction costlier for males than females 2. Detecting fertility or reproductive value-males prefer women with features suggestive of fertility 3. Paternal uncertainty- males may be inclined toward sexual jealousy Who kills whom? Relatives are at less risk...
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