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Prelim 1 Review - Prelim 1 Review Mostly Lecture Ex What is...

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Prelim 1 Review Mostly Lecture Ex. What is Zajonc’s mere exposure hypothesis? Describe one experimental and one correlational example. For Zajonc, -the mere presence of other people produces arousal -makes you more lkely to do what youre predisposed to do (dominant response) -does this help or hurt performance? Well learned vs novel tasks bold terms = multiple choice Mook article External validity-whether or not study applies to real world External invalidity- is okay, most science you don’t have it o In most science you are testing what can happen o Results help your understanding of the world What is evolutionary account for sex diff in mate choice? What is evidence people have presented? What is scial structural account and what is evidence supports it? o Males-looking for young and beautiful- healthy, fertility- paternal uncertainty o Why are they focused on attractiveness? Men have luxury of caring about attractiveness more than women bc women have to care about resources o
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