2011 - 4/21/2011 Dissonance, Self-Perception, and...

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4/21/2011 Dissonance, Self-Perception, and Embodiment Continued I) North vs. South A) People think going north is harder than going south A.1) Examples (A.1.a) Moving 20 miles north vs. south A.1.a.i People think going north will cost more (A.1.b) Coupon for ice cream shop north or south A.1.b.i People less likely to use coupon to north A.2) Experiment (A.2.a) Positive word at the top, you recognize it faster than if it were at the bottom; vice versa with negative word B) What’s up with God? B.1) Move God up on the screen I) Intuition and reason A) Urn- pick out marbles from urn A.1) One urn has 9 white, 1 red; one has 95 white, 5 red A.2) People feel intuition to pick from other urn A.3) The more red in the large urn, the more likely people are to draw marble from large urn B) Two Systems of Reasoning B.1) Intuitive (B.1.a) Automatic (B.1.b) Effortless (B.1.c) Rapid (B.1.d) Concrete (B.1.e) Associative (B.1.f) Intensional in the philosophical sense B.2) Reflective (B.2.a) Controlled (B.2.b) Effortful (B.2.c) Slow, often serial (B.2.d) May be abstract (B.2.e) Rule based (B.2.f) May be extensional C) It’s going to be 19C tomorrow, should you wear a coat? D) The Common Mechanics of Judgment D.1) The intuitive system offers up an automatic assessment that can be taken as a heuristic guide to the judgment at hand D.2) The heuristic assessment can seem satisfactory, so that the rational system is never engaged, or the heuristic assessment passes inspection by the rational system E) Automatic assessments/heuristics
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E.1) Special purpose heuristics (E.1.a) Height as guide for ability as a basketball player (E.1.b) Fame as a guide for quality as an academic E.2) Use restricted to specific domains E.3) General Use Heuristics (E.3.a) Affect E.3.a.i Do you want to have this beer? Decision is influenced by what feelings come to mind Advertising associates beer with beautiful women, even though you don’t generally drink beer with them Misleading affect associated with experience Feelings affected by past experience E.3.a.iiFamiliarity and liking The letter-name effect Clark Nelson Harris, a NYC gastroenterologist bought stock in
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2011 - 4/21/2011 Dissonance, Self-Perception, and...

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