2011 - 4/19/2011 Final = Multiple choice Cumulative over...

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4/19/2011 Final = Multiple choice Cumulative over lectures, post 2 nd prelim readings Dissonance, Self-Perception, and Embodiment I) Can you be happy in life without children? A) Before, kids were for economic reasons, now not true so do we really think kids are the greatest things in the world A.1) Historical differences of opinion on this as children have gone from economic assets to “economically worthless to emotionally priceless” entities (Zelizer, 1994) B) Experiment: B.1) Independent variable: (B.1.a) Ss told that the average cost of raising child is $193,680 or Ss told that there are compensating economic benefits during old age or told nothing about children B.2) Dependent variable: (respond on a scale -2 to +2) (B.2.a) Parents experience a lot more happiness and satisfaction in their lives compared to people who have never had children; a person can be truly happy in life without ever being a parent; non parents are more likely to be depressed than parents; parents are often less happy than nonparents B.3) Results: People told about parenting fiscal costs rationalize the cost by thinking children are more conducive to happiness (B.3.a) Justification- cognitive dissonance B.3.a.i Psychological inconsistency needs to be justified, creates motivation to change attitude B.3.a.iiCog dissonance- feel inconsistency, but say that rewards are great B.3.a.iii
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2011 - 4/19/2011 Final = Multiple choice Cumulative over...

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