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4/12/2011 Social Psychology in Film and Television Godfather scene: Man asks Godfather to murder someone o Power dynamic o Reciprocity—Favors o Refers to it as altruism rather than about money o Norm of reciprocity The Office clip- o Mimicry makes people like you o Michael Scott mimicked by Andy Bernard o Sucking up works Momento- o (in)Accuracy of memory o In addition to memory lapses, we make things up all the time Simpsons o Channel factors- change content of show and people no longer watch o Attribution theory- Marge blamed violent action on TV External attribution for violence The Lonely Guy with Steve Martin o Spotlight effect
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Unformatted text preview: Two different perspectives of same situation Office episode- New worker things guy is stupid o Confirmation bias o Our schemas influence our interpretations of different situations Curb Your Enthusiasm o Egocentrism thinks friend understands hes being sarcastic Flight of Concords- Sleeps with Australian o Outgroup homogeneity effect o Think people outside of ingroup are all the same FWS Movie Odius (The Fall) o Misconceptions Curb Your Enthusiasm-Grease clip o Norm Violation- Civil Inattention Princess Bride o Difficulty of mindreading...
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