2011 - 4/5/11 Attribution Theory- cont I) Belief in the...

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4/5/11 Attribution Theory- cont I) Belief in the veracity of first instincts A) Among students: appx ¾ of college students believe that changing answers usually lowers test scores B) Teachers: 55% of faculty believe that going against initial answer lowers test scores C) Test prep: say to be cautious when changing answer II) Veracity of first instincts A) Vast majority of changes are from incorrect to correct if you have good reason to question original answer A.1) Applies to all kinds of questions B) Not one of studies of 33 said that it hurts to change answers C) WHY? C.1) Easier to imagine the alternative outcome C.2) Emotional amplification when changing to wrong answer C.3) The closer you are to being right the more emotional amplification D) EX. two men with flights, both gets stuck in traffic on way to airport, both miss flights, one by 30 min one by 5 min, D.1) 5 min is more upsetting D.2) if you use covariation principle logically, … III) Actor observer bias A) Actors- external (situational) attribution for own behavior B) Observer- internal (dispositional) attribution for actors behavior C) Ex. The Who- Riverfront Coliseum accident C.1) People were killed trying to get seats C.2) Why? (C.2.a) Observer: these are the kind of people who do this kind of thing (dispositional) (C.2.b) Actor: attributes to the festival seating D) Other example: D.1) Constrained behavior (D.1.a) Ss and conf instructed to behave friendly or unfriendly (D.1.b) Ss think own behavior caused by instructions. Others behavior caused by personality E) Implications of the actor-observer dif E.1) Subjects evaluate (E.1.a) Self (E.1.b) Best friend
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2011 - 4/5/11 Attribution Theory- cont I) Belief in the...

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