2011 - 3/15/2011 The Power of the Situation I) Stanley...

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3/15/2011 The Power of the Situation I) Stanley Milgram (1974) A) Milgram put ads in newspapers asking people to participate in experiment on learning B) “Learning experiment” B.1) Learning phase- blue box, nice day, wild duck… B.2) Which originally paired with first word? (B.2.a) Blue: sky, ink, box, lamp B.3) Every time answer is wrong, voltage is increased B.4) Participant is the one who must deliver shocks, but no actual shocks are being delivered C) Predicted vs. actual disobedience level in relation to shock levels C.1) Predicted, increases C.2) Actual, no one until after 270 volts and then levels off at a little less than 40% C.3) Gap between red and blue line is evidence of surprise C.4) Reflects again the power of the situation, not the character of the person D) Often described as blind obedience, but actually participant tries to disobey many times D.1) People don’t normally think they would do it too D.2) Many people can think of times we tried to be effective but failed D.3) This video is ineffective disobedience II) Recent partial replication of Milgram (burger, 2009); Would people obey as much today? A) Now there are human subject committees that make sure your experiment is safe B) How do we test this? B.1) Milgram: No one disobeyed at or before 150 volts (B.1.a) That was when “learner” tries to get out of experiment B.2) Makes sure participants are mentally stable, approved by psychiatrist (B.2.a) 70% still obeyed, close to Milgram’s 82% (at 165) C) If disobedience were made easier, would they disobey sooner? D) When we try to change peoples behavior we often make a certain mistake
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2011 - 3/15/2011 The Power of the Situation I) Stanley...

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