2011 - 2/15/2011 Death I) Life would not be the way it is...

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2/15/2011 Death I) Life would not be the way it is if we did not know we were going to die A) What are our views about what is safe? A.1) We have an idea of what is dangerous-evolution has prepared us for a first approximation A.2) Are you more likely to be killed by lightning or tornado? (A.2.a) Class Survey” Lightning: 30% Tornado: 70% (A.2.b) Actual :lightening kills slightly more A.3) Stomach Cancer vs. Car accident (A.3.a) Class survey: Car Accident: 94% Stomach Cancer:4% (A.3.b) Stomach cancer twice as deadly A.4) Why is our intuition sometimes wrong?? B) Biased Assessments of Causes of Death B.1) Most overestimated: car accident, tornado, flood, cancer, fire, venomous bite, homicide B.2) Most underestimated: diabetes, lightening, stroke, asthma, TB, emphysema, vaccination B.3) We tend to over estimate what is advertized by media etc (B.3.a) Drama of the deaths (B.3.b) Underestimated things are heard about in non fatal forms B.4) Passengers and crew members killed in the 9/11 hijackings=266 (B.4.a) People more afraid of flying B.4.a.i # of extra highway fatalities in the 3 months post 9/11 in the US=353; more than number who died on plane C) Emotion-eliciting Determinants of perceived risk C.1) The unknown C.2) Uncontrollable C.3) Dreaded C.4) Potentially catastrophic C.5) Halloween candy (C.5.a) “We are not so sensible of the great health as of the least sickness”- Ben Franklin (C.5.b) we could blame media, but we buy newspapers and watch news C.6) The Stroop Task-slower to name color of color word if word is different color (C.6.a) Put people in stroop task, people take longer to say color of negative word C.6.a.i We are attracted to negative things
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2011 - 2/15/2011 Death I) Life would not be the way it is...

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