2011 - 2/10/2011 Emotionality and Expressive behavior...

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2/10/2011 Emotionality and Expressive behavior (cont) Emotionality and Misattribution I) Is all expressive behavior universal? A) No only for 6 (or so) basic emotions B) No, “display rules” guide when emotions are expressed C) No, other elements of expressive behavior are highly culturally specific D) Affective stimulus D.1) Affects programs=happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, disgust D.2) Display rules affect facial display E) Study: Keltner et al (1998)- teasing E.1) A.D. T.J. H.F. L.I. E.2) Use fake names, asked to tease brothers about names E.3) Emotions displayed when high status teasers tease low status targets (E.3.a) Show more anger E.4) Emotions displayed when low status teasers tease high status targets (E.4.a) Audience shows more fear E.5) There are certain display rules that are influenced by not only culture but also by status F) Emblems F.1) Peace sign, thumbs up, crossed forefingers, clenched fist, “okay” (F.1.a) American signs F.2) “Fuck you” differs according to culture G) Illustrators (gesticulations) H) Regulators (gaze,tone) H.1) Signals when conversation is ending I) Self adapters (nervous discharge) II) Sex Differences in Expressive Behavior A) Checking fingernails men vs. women B) Emotion talk between mothers and children B.1) Mothers talk to daughters more about every emotion than to their sons B.2) Sex differences in expressive behavior are more general B.3) Studies of “ideal effect” (B.3.a) HAP=elated, ecstatic, excited (B.3.b) LAP= calm, peaceful, relaxed (B.3.c) Do European, Chinese-Americans, and Chinese differ? (B.3.d)
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2011 - 2/10/2011 Emotionality and Expressive behavior...

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