11 - Detroit,1972,508closedcases Victimwas (48...

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Evolutionary Psychology Take 2 18:25 Evolutionary account of Who Kills Whom Homicide and Genetic Relatedness Detroit, 1972, 508 closed cases Victim was: 243 unrelated acquaintances (48%) 138 strangers (27%) 127 “relatives” (25%) 80 spouses 10 in-laws 5 step children Genetic relatives were 6% of the murder victims Are relatives less at risk? Child abuse rates Less likely as child gets older Minimal risk with 2 biological parents More risk with one natural and one step parent What about infanticide? According to evolutionary perspective, it is rare if conditions are such that survival chances are bad Homicide inspired by “face” concerns Men commit most homicides Sexual jealousy and spousal homicide In spouse killings, it is usually male (except in self defence…) Highest figure is jealousy Evolution and group living
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Overcoming the problem of selfishness Can altruism exist??
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11 - Detroit,1972,508closedcases Victimwas (48...

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