nes quiz 3with additions

nes quiz 3with additions - Melanie Larkins Quiz#3 Review...

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Melanie Larkins 12/1/10 Quiz #3 Review Sheet 1. What was Babylonian medicine? a. Disease= result of gods/ demons (created by gods)/ ghosts b. Medical treatments i. incantations to cure exorcist ii. drugs to alleviate symptoms lay physician/ pharmacist iii. plants—use determined by trial and error and then methods were passed down. iv. No evidence for human dissection, surgery, or blood-letting. 2. Were Egyptian and Babylonian medicine scientific? a. In Mesopotamia: i. Imagination (elimination of randomness), ex: omens ii. Deductive logic—reasoning from general to specific, ex: omens iii. Observation—periodic, regular, recorded results, ex: omens b. In Egypt, don’t have evidence of omens, but: i. Disease caused by gods/ demons ii. Deductive logic in Egyptian texts (honey, onions are good for us, must be bad for demos- maat) iii. Observation in texts 3. What were the Egyptian divine triads? Give examples. a. Groups of three gods (I don’t know what else she could be looking for) b. Family at Thebes i. Amun ii. Mut- wife of Amun (name means mother) iii. Khonsu- son c. Family at Abydos i. Osiris- ruler of underworld ii. Isis- wife/sister of Osiris; goddess of motherhood and fertility; depicted as a bird with arms spread apart iii. Horus- god of sky, world, protection; depicted as a falcon; avenges father (Osiris) d. Family at Memphis i. Ptah- god of craftsmen, regeneration ii. Sekhmet- wife of Ptah; lioness iii. Nefertem- child of the two; youth version of Aten
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nes quiz 3with additions - Melanie Larkins Quiz#3 Review...

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