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407 - 19:10 Lecture 19:10 1st Model Private Insurance Most...

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Lecture 19:10 1 st Model: Private Insurance Most coverage from employers with some coverage from public insurance ~47 million people uninsured (~16% of US population) Health Care as a privilege Health Care as a commodity sold on the market to those who can afford to pay (with small amount of public insurance for poor, elderly) Commodity = anything that has value and is bought and sold on the market In capitalism, what is the goal when you sell a commodity? What does this mean for health insurance providers? How can you make as much profit as possible by selling people health insurance? What were examples from the video? Companies not heavily regulated, allowed to function as a free market Greater cost to employers who provide health insurance, cheaper costs to employers who do not provide health insurance The USA is the only country with this model 2 models of universal health care National insurance Universal Coverage; health care as a right Insurance provided by government
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