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Casey Gresh Socy105 Prof. Dean 4/7/2011 High School Assignment I went to Mount de Sales Academy, an all-girls private, Catholic high school, in Baltimore Country, Maryland from fall of 2004 to spring of 2008. The tuition was slightly expensive, but I was on a four-year partial scholarship, which I maintained by keeping a B average between my freshman and senior years. My fellow students ranged from working class to upper-middle class. Some were on full scholarships and rode the city bus from Baltimore City every morning, and some drove their Jaguars or BMWs to school. The actual school is a historic landmark dating back to 1852. It lacks both air conditioning in the summer time and heating in the wintertime. It consists of three floors, connected by narrow wooden staircases that were rumored to burn faster than a box of matches. The plumbing was so antique, we received days off because one bad toilet could ruin the whole system. I believe that I received a decent high school education. I took mostly honors and my teachers were qualified so my classes were challenging and I received good grades. One setback was the limitation of academic classes.
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This note was uploaded on 10/24/2011 for the course SOCY 105 taught by Professor Mogadam during the Spring '05 term at Maryland.

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HighSchool - Casey Gresh Socy105 Prof Dean High School...

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