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PartAPaper4 - Electricity to charge computer 1 hour...

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Casey Gresh Socy105 (Dean) April 26, 2011 Assignment #4 Consumption Reflection Part A: Food ¼ cup egg white beaters 1-cup coffee (w/ soy milk) 1 6-oz container of yogurt 1 banana 1 liter Aquafina water bottle 1 chicken breast ½ cup green beans ¼ cup carrots Energy Electricity for lights in house for 24 hours
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Unformatted text preview: Electricity to charge computer 1 hour Electricity to charge phone 2 hours Air conditioning for 24 hours Water for shower Materials 2 plastic forks 1 plastic spoon 2 paper bowls 1 paper plate 3 Styrofoam cups Paper towels Napkins...
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