PartBPaper4 - even if I were to turn it off someone would...

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Casey Gresh SOCY105 (Dean) Consumption Reflection Part C: My completion of Part A and Part B of this Assignment has opened my eyes to how much I actually use. For example, I use plastic utensils, paper plates and/or bowls, and Styrofoam cups with every meal. I am embarrassed to say that this is the case, but living in my sorority house in College Park, I do not have much of a choice. With so many girls in one house, disposable means are the most practical. However, seeing how much just I, one person, use makes me see how wasteful we are. Another embarrassing factor of my living conditions is the fact that most of the lights in the house are on all day and all night long. In the main chapter room, the light is on twenty-four hours a day, and
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Unformatted text preview: even if I were to turn it off someone would go back in and turn it on. The fact that I use so many disposable items makes me think about the means it takes to make these items and transport them. The fact that someone has to make and produce these items and then someone has to get those items to the final destination is honestly something I cannot fathom. I just take these items and use them like it is nothing but that is someones life and career and income. Not only do I use them so recklessly, but also I dispose of them in the same reckless matter. And everyone I live with behaves in the same manner. Perhaps if I start to make a change then it will motivate others to change their behavior as well....
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PartBPaper4 - even if I were to turn it off someone would...

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