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Casey Gresh SOCY105 (Dean) Spring 2011 Assignment #4 Consumption Reflection Part E: Based on the results of my Ecological Footprint, if everyone on the planet lived my lifestyle, we would need 4.96 Earths. My carbon footprint is 50.96 global acres in comparison to the country’s average of 91.43 global acres. My food footprint is equal to the country’s average, which is 65.74 global acres. My housing footprint is 35.75 global acres, which is slightly higher than the country’s average housing footprint of 31.58 global acres. My goods and services footprint is quite a bit lower than the country’s average at 40.1 global acres in relation to 57.66 global acres. Even though my ecological footprint is less than that of the United States on average, it is still high. Just because my footprint is 4.96 Earths rather than 6.35 Earths, it is still 3.96 Earths more than it should be. As a result, I must take steps in order to reduce this footprint. I do not want to contribute to the “Tragedy of the Commons” by acting through
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This note was uploaded on 10/24/2011 for the course SOCY 105 taught by Professor Mogadam during the Spring '05 term at Maryland.

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PartDPaper4 - Casey Gresh SOCY105 (Dean) Spring 2011...

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