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Adam Stone 04/28/11 BUS.115.4272 Where I Am and How I Got Here I was born in May of 1984 in Salt Lake City, UT to a single mother who was essentially a 25-year-old ski-bum working in a boot shop. She had little money or aspirations but upon my arrival into this world, she became determined to provide for me. My biological father had left my mother before he even knew she was pregnant with me and wrestling with his absence caused me a great deal of pain early in my life. We both moved back to Charlotte when I was a year old where my grandparents and her sisters lived, as my mother could no longer afford to support the two of us. She began collecting welfare we moved into my grandparent’s little home. I never saw my mother much when I was little. She worked the night shift at the Post Office because it paid her better and she slept during the day. My grandparents and my aunt who also lived in our two- bedroom home helped to teach me my values and we went to a Methodist church every Sunday. My mother dated a man for two years and then in 1989, they were married and he legally adopted me as his son. My father was a medical student at the time and deeply in debt. He had to drop out of college three times and work in a steel mill to pay his medical school bills. He was still paying those bills until I reached the age of fifteen. My father had been raised in a very strict family and he was abusive at first. If I would act out (which I did frequently), I would get hit or worse. His entry into my life when I was five marked the beginning of two decades of turbulence between us. We moved to a roach-infested apartment in Sugar
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Creek Apartments in Winston-Salem for a year while my father finished up his residency at Bowman Gray. The apartment burned down after a year and we lost everything but I also met a life-long friend while at Moore Elementary School. We moved back to Charlotte when I was seven where my mother gave birth to twins boys named Mason and Dylan. When I was growing up my mother experienced a lot of problems with depression frequently hinting at thoughts of suicide and this was exacerbated by her pregnancy. My mother and father had a strange relationship that consisted of romance, complaints, and screams. I found happiness and escape in books, Legos, and the homes of my friends. As my little brothers and I got older we became very rebellious. My parents were very inconsistent and my mother was always degrading herself and telling us that we ruined her life. When I was ten we moved again, back to Winston-Salem. There I played soccer and that was a release that sustained me through this period in my life. It common for me to walk to soccer practice alone after school because my mother would forget to pick me up; I was not a priority in her life. This helped to develop an independent spirit
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BUSLAWFINALPAPER - Adam Stone 04/28/11 BUS.115.4272 Where I...

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