Test1essayquestion - Jessica Murray is the owner and...

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Jessica Murray is the owner and operator of Haskins, Inc. Haskins, Inc. is a 15 year old company and it currently has 73 employees. Jessica intentionally kept her company small so that she could pay her employees very well and give good benefits. Currently over 75% of her employees make in excess of 50,000 and Jessica gives Christmas bonuses to each employee. The employees speak very highly of Jessica and say how much they enjoy working for the company. It’s like a family to everyone. Faiz Mohhamed is one person in particular that has a fondness for Jessica and Haskins, Inc. Five years ago, Jessica saw Faiz and his three kids (all girls) sleeping o n a park bench one night. She approached Faiz and asked why did he have his children sleeping outside. He told her that due to the down turn in the financial market, he was laid off of his job without warning and he did not receive any severance. He used all of his savings trying to care for his three kids because their mother had recently died of cancer. Faiz’s story touched Jessica's heart and she immediately employed Faiz. Faiz’s daughters even call her Aunt Jessica. Jessica’s business has taken a turn for the worse and if she does not “do something” fast, she is going to have to close her doors. She is going to have to lay off at least half of her staff, including Faiz, to stay afloat. However, if she “adjusts” her profits for the previous two quarters, she will be
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Test1essayquestion - Jessica Murray is the owner and...

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