a - Puyi China’s Last Emperor Puyi the last emperor of...

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Unformatted text preview: Puyi: China’s Last Emperor Puyi, the last emperor of both the Qing Dynasty and China in general, was the youngest emperor in all of China’s history. He lived through some of the most controversial and chaotic times in China. As a child he witnessed the last remaining traces of imperial China fade away as China revolutionized into the modern world away from traditional beliefs and practices. Having lived through warlord rebellions, Japanese invasions, and the Cultural Revolution, Puyi’s life was dominated by political and civic strife. Puyi’s life, along with this general time in China’s history, marked a key turning point in which traditional China was pushed out by more modern and western influences. Puyi’s struggles throughout his life symbolize this struggle between traditional and modern forces. Although most of Puyi’s life was filled with political and civil strife, his younger years also housed familial strife. Puyi was born in 1905; his father was the second Prince Chun. As a also housed familial strife....
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a - Puyi China’s Last Emperor Puyi the last emperor of...

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