ITEC 3365 Project Rubric as of October 29th 2009 (2)

ITEC 3365 Project Rubric as of October 29th 2009 (2) -...

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Group Name: Score % Value Project Plan 0 30.00% 0 Database 0 55.00% 0 Presentation 0 15.00% 0 Total 0
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Deliverable Comments 30 Points Project Report 5% 5% Project Executive Summary 5% Introduction 10% Business Case 10% Project Approach 15% Project Solution 10% Testing Process 10% Project Improvements 10% Project Maintenance Issues 10% Lessons Learned 5% References 5% Project Summary 100% 0 55 points Database 40% 20% Data Dictionary 20% Loaded Database Data 10% Working GUI Application 10% Reports/Queries 100% 0 15 points Presentation 15% Presentation Visuals 20% Subject Knowledge 15% Organization 25% Delivery 10% Clarity of Demo 10% Creativity 5% Time Limit 100% 0 Number of Points Major Component Excellent - 100 % of points, Not done - 0% Earned Points Project Cover Page / Table of Contents / Overall Appearance / Grammar and Punctuation / Project CDs. Attractive and wel laid out project plan with easy to use Table of Contents and Tabs/Dividers to facilitate the finding of information. There must also be no major grammatical or punctuation errors in any of the documents. Final y the plans must include 2 CDs containing al of the project deliverables. The Project Plan should have an Executive Summary which ef ectively summarizes the overal Project Plan and does not exceed 2 pages. Clear and concise introduction section that states the measureable project objective(s) of the project which are in strategic alignment with the overal client organization's objective. This section also lists the major business problems and chal enges. Final y the section also summarizes the analysis which lead the team to the database solution. A thoroughly developed Business Case that has quantified al tangible benefits and costs and has listed possibile intangible benefits and costs. The Business Case must represent the project's Total Cost of Ownership. For this course, the business case does not have to represent true Net Present Value. Clear discussion of the activities that the team undertook to solve this client's database requirements. This wil document the database design and implementation process that was fol owed during the semester. How does the designed database satisfy the
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ITEC 3365 Project Rubric as of October 29th 2009 (2) -...

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