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SYLLABUS ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY 830:340:02 Fall, 2011 R. Karlin Meeting Time: TTH4, 1:40-3:00. Hill 116, Professor: R. Karlin, [email protected] Office hours in 517 Tillett, Th 12-1:20. Phone 848-445-2047 Message 848-445-4036 T.A.: TBA Textbook: Basics of Abnormal Psych.,RutgersUniversity . by Durand and Barlow (DB): Please note that this version of the text is in a loose leaf binder to make it less expensive. It is customized for and unique to this course. It includes the Powerpoints relevant to this book and course exams. (These will also be available online by 9/22.). The text has been ordered fromNJ Books in downtown NB. Presumably it is also available thru the Rutgers bookstore. As it was specially created for this class, It is not available thru Amazon. If you wish to do well in the course, you need to read the assigned parts of Durand and Barlow carefully. Reviewing the powerpoints is nowhere near enough. NOTE THAT, IN GENERAL, LECTURES WILL NOT REVIEW THE CHAPTERS IN THE TEXT IN ANY DETAIL. THIS IS THE MOST READABLE TEXT LONG SEARCHING HAS REVEALED. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR READING IT AND LEARNING FROM IT. Class presentations will sometimes supplement your text and at times they will argue for an alternative view. Additionally, a number of films and film segments will be shown in class (see schedule below). On exams, you are responsible for all of these: the text, class presentations/lectures and the films. So, along with carefully reading the book, you should plan on coming to class and taking notes. This can be an exciting course. I have been thinking about psychopathology and treating patients for over 40 years and continue to learn. Many of the topics we will cover are inherently interesting. However, some of the way the field is structured make for dry stretches, in which you are learning basic concepts and terminology. Several of the dry sections come at the beginning of the course. They are not typical. Work through these and the course becomes quite rewarding. Exams There will be two exams: A midterm (scheduled for October 25) and a final (December 19, Noon - 3). Each will be about 30 questions. Given that there will be a total of about 500 points and a total of 50- 70 questions, each question will be worth about 7-10 points. We try to create exams without ambiguous or tricky questions. Please assume each exam question is straightforward and without any trick. However, inevitably some students find some questions ambiguous or unintelligible. And sometimes they are right. If you bring such a question to our attention, we will change or eliminate the question from our question pool and be grateful to you. However, I regret that your score on the exam can not be changed. (If we change the allowable answer for you, everyone else who got your answer would have to get credit. We simply don't have the time to go back over the exam and make such changes, This is one of the problems that 300+ students and lack of adequate resources dictates.) There will be one makeup exam time for the midterm and final at a time and place to be announced.
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This note was uploaded on 10/23/2011 for the course PSYCHOLOGY 340 taught by Professor Atwood during the Spring '09 term at Rutgers.

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Syllabus-Abnormal - SYLLABUS ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY 830:340:02...

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