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Current Labor Problems 10/10/11 Walmart Where does Paul Krugman Stand? - For the protestors o More against wall street and big businesses who create more hostility o Emphasis on how banks and oligarchs are blowing things out of proportion o Relatively liberal for an economist - People of a younger generation are looking at democracy and thinking that there must be a better way to do things, more active participation etc. o That is what’s disconcerting to people like Krugman o They are not sure that they understand that it’s deeper than just income inequality/unemployment etc. Push-Pull Manufacturing Push – what’s being sold is determined by manufacturers Pull – retailers tell manufacturers what to make/price depending on demand Questions: 1. It absolutely has influence over its employees, but it depends on the region. In the south and most places, older people work there and are very friendly and enthusiastic. In NJ, however, a lot of high school children work there and it is a
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Unformatted text preview: very different environment. Religious differences also exist by region. In the mid-west especially, Wal-Mart’s religious beliefs and low prices must make it very popular. In NJ, people are less positive about Wal-Mart. a. North – faster pace, quicker turnover; people w/o jobs trying to get work b. Rest of the country – more of a sense of keeping the job long-term; southern states had a better corporate culture b.i. Video had southern states and Midwest (OH) 2. After a while, if you work at Wal-Mart you would get sucked into the culture. They hire people who are very peppy to begin with who can be team players and join into the culture. 3. Absolutely, if the culture of work has held up for this long, there is no reason to feel that in the US it won’t continue to thrive. In China, the lifestyle is very different and people are less open and enthusiastic. The people are relatively calm so the culture would be less peppy but there would be good order....
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