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Low wage work: Problem of the poverty formula: - Developed in 1959; when they looked at what people spent, they spent like 30% of their paychecks on food; formula is based on multiplication of food - Other 2/3 was on all other expenses, so multiply food expenditure on food by 3 and you get poverty line - Problem is, now we spend only about 12% on food - Another formula says poverty line should be at 2/3 of median male wage Conditions of high wage vs. low-wage jobs: - If you start out at a low wage job, no company is really going to invest in you - Law wage are not going to get training, no ladders, poor communication, higher risk of getting hurt, face more discrimination - High wage: higher chance that an employer will invest in you (training), still not too many job ladders, less likely to find discrimination Notes: September 19, 2011 A. Jobs 1. In the reading “Changing Contours of Work” the authors ask “Is there a new economy?” and then answer that “both yes and no.” What do they mean?
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