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How Sex Changed :: September 7, 2011 Freud: originally a physician/neurologist who worked with somatic psychology – finding anatomical reasons for erratic behavior - Branched off to develop an anti-somatic style - Saw unhappy people suffering from conflicting emotions Kinsey: professor of biology at Indiana University (entomologist) - Starting collecting sex histories following the pattern with which he used to called Gall wasps o Wherever he could find people who talked about sex, he collected sexual histories; got more of them than anyone in history o Wrote them in books called Kinsey Reports - Discovered that people’s behavior does not fit perfectly with social values and established
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Unformatted text preview: standards Masters and Johnson: Masters: prof of gynecology at University of St. Louis in WA Johnson: Master’s chief assistant; never had a degree but knew a lot about sex-Conducted sex research using a glass phallus with a camera in it to photograph a woman’s cervix during sex-Turned the act of love into a purely physiological event Sherry Hyde-American born girl who moved to Germany for fear of prosecution-Interviewed women and analyzed; found that men are poor lovers etc. -Wrote a book on how men suck Jaque Loeb-nature is not good enough, we can improve it-tried to produce virgin births in sea urchins etc....
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