(short write) Communication - Vincent Phan English 101...

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Vincent Phan English 101 Communication A time that I communicated well was when I was an advisor of the Ski Club at my High school. This club holds an annual meeting in the beginning of each year, where the senior advisors would have to discuss the rules and regulations. For three years I sat in the crowd and paid attention to the speakers. Usually people around me would talk and go on about their own business. The advisors would always be flustered and annoyed with the crowed. But every year the advisors would somehow find their own way to capture the attention of the audience. Those three years passed by quickly and before I knew it, it was my turn along with a few others to hold the annual meeting. These few others were all my friends that were involved in the club. The teacher that ran the club handed out papers to us, which outlined what we were supposed discuss. We check out the audience and were shocked with the outcome. It was a very large group of people. We walked out on to the floor, as usual the crowed was very talkative. My
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(short write) Communication - Vincent Phan English 101...

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