(short write) James Franco - Vinny Phan Lisa Bean English...

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Vinny Phan Lisa Bean English 101 Super Star You would expect the Spider man star James Franco to be somewhat cynical due to his role as the Green Goblin, but these accusations are completely false. The star born and raised in Palo Alto, California had somewhat of a normal basic average life. This was all done and said until he reached his freshmen year At UCLA. While at UCLA he major was English major, then he had an epiphany he wanted to fulfill his dreams of becoming an actor and the rest is history. I was in Central Park in New York City when I interviewed the young man. This was his idea, he said that he felt one with nature and that he would be able to answer the questions I would throw at him better. I was waiting in the park when he strolled up. He was looked like he just got out of his bed and through on some jeans and a tee shirt. His hair was uncombed and seemed to be a little greasy. As he came strolling up in the park he greeted me with a hello. We started the interview, and right off the bat he answered my questions with
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(short write) James Franco - Vinny Phan Lisa Bean English...

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