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Vinny Phan English 101 Lisa Bean Letters A time where I had write to someone about something I wanted was when I was little. Every kid experience different holiday traditions. Mine was Christmas; I used to write to Santa Clause to ask him for toys that I wanted. My dad and mom would get me Christmas themed paper and let me decorate with different Christmas decorations, such as little snowmen, snowflakes, and Christmas trees. I would always start my letters with a Dear, Santa Clause and from there I would proceed with my letter. I wouldn’t just write down a list with different object, but I would write sentences about why I wanted the toy. The letter wasn’t very long, but I would always ask him with such sincerity for the toys I wanted. I used to explain to him that if I had this toy that I would be the happiest kid out there and that I would very much appreciate it, if he
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Unformatted text preview: would get me the toys. My Letters to Santa Clause would get more in-depth as I started to get older. But then there was a certain age where the letters just completely stopped. I think I was about 7 when I stop writing letters to him. Now being on the path to adult hood, I realize that life as a child was so simple, and there were never any worries. I wish I could go back to those days sometime and just live the old simple life with not worries. Now if you want something its not as easy as writing a letter and then obtaining what you wanted. Now if you want something you really have to work for it. Examples of these are colleges, grad schools, and jobs. You cant just write one simple letter and expect to get what you wanted. Life changes as you get older, but living as a child were such simple years where there were no worries....
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