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Vincent Phan English 101 Personal experience My name is Vincent Phan and I was born in Galloway, New Jersey. I lived there for the rest of my life. Living in one place for your whole life, you would expect the people to be unaware of different people and different cultures. But in Galloway this is not the case. There are so many different people and diversity in Galloway that is an abundance of knowledge. I love the face that when I’m in Galloway there are so many different people everywhere. Not just the town that I live in, but many others towns and city around me. There is always something to do too. Living near two major cities is a plus. These cities are Philadelphia and New York City. Philadelphia is 45 minutes away from me and New York is about a hour and 45 minutes away. Even though I lived in Galloway my whole life I’ve traveled to many different areas in the world. I’ve travel to the Bahamas, Dubai, Mexico, and many different states in the U.S.
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Unformatted text preview: Being in all these places is very exciting especially since its a new place where you dont know the people or the environment. I feel that traveling to these new exotic lands make people more well rounded and aware for other people and cultures. Even though I love my hometown Galloway, I have aspirations of going to the Big Apple. Everything about the city I love. The people, the buildings, the noises, everything I love everything about the city. After I graduate all my school I would love to get an internship in the city. I would want to be able to work up the corporate ladder at Apple and eventually become the senior advertisement director. I think my creative ability will help me obtain this goal. I know that I have obtained my goal when Im living on the Upper East Side....
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