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Vinny Phan English 101 Lisa Bean The house of love When you here Ronald McDonald House what comes to your mind? Some people see those famous golden french-fry arch’s. That’s what you would think but this is very different from the fast food restaurant. This House is very inspiring; people that have an ill child at the hospital and cannot afford a night at a hotel are able to stay at this house for a low flat rate. The house serves as a place to sleep, kitchen, place to bath, and a place to kick back and relax and escape your worries of spending too much money. I was fortunate enough to be able to interview a volunteer Kati O’Neal. She was very knowledgeable; she knew many things about the organization, but also the people that stayed in the house, and the other volunteers. This girl seemed to love her job and every aspect of it. When I first got to the house I explained to one of the volunteers that I called and I was here for the interview. Once I met with the volunteer that agreed to be interviewed she immediately gave me a tour of the house. It was amazing and seemed so warm with welcome. We started off on the first floor, which had two lounges ones with a television for people to be entertained. Then we went into the Kitchen, there cookies set out and cake and the she told me that anyone is welcome to have a piece of cake or a cookie. I was surprised that they were so welcoming to everyone. We continued our tour of the house and we went to the second floor and she showed me the rooms, which the families would stay in. The rooms were pretty nice and really cleaned. Each room had two beds, a coffee table, nightstand, and a dresser drawer. The last part of the tour was the
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basement. I thought it would be some old dingy place where it was dark and grim. But once again the house seemed to prove my expectations wrong. We got down there and it was just as warm as the rest of the house. There was a game room, where the kids of the families were able to enjoy themselves. Coming to the end of the tour, we stopped at one
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Feat article - Vinny Phan English 101 Lisa Bean The house...

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