Final Reflective Memo - Vincent Phan English 101 Lisa Bean...

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Vincent Phan English 101 Lisa Bean End of the Semester Reflective Memo Writing can be defined in many ways, you can have the book definition, but usually people have their own definitions. To me writing is a way to escape the reality of life. You’re able to write about whatever you want. You can use your imagination and write a fictional story, that you get caught up with. Basically it’s your expression there are no limits to writing. The spectrum is endless. As a child, when I was bored I would write fictional stories and use my imagination. Later on in my life as I got older, and I felt stressed I would write in a journal to express my feelings. Writing is so versatile, you can make up stories, vent, and communicate. As you get older the importance of writing increases enormously. During your childhood you would write to get assignments done, but when you get older it’s used to communicate. When you have a career you will have to write memos to your following employee’s. You can’t just write a sloppy memo that would be unprofessional. Writing to me is many things, but it’s also not certain things to me. Writing is an escape of reality for me, but it’s not just a boring thing, where I feel that I am doing it just to do it. People have the attitude of hating to write. If they were to change the way they thought about
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This note was uploaded on 10/23/2011 for the course ENGLISH 10 taught by Professor Zook during the Spring '10 term at West Virginia State University.

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Final Reflective Memo - Vincent Phan English 101 Lisa Bean...

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