MGPN - Vincent Phan English 101 Instructor Lisa Bean...

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Unformatted text preview: Vincent Phan English 101 Instructor Lisa Bean January 26, 2010 Paradise Island July 4 th 2008 Dear Journal, Im so excited! I cant believe that its actually here. I ordered my plane tickets in September and finally the wait is over! I have been planning this trip to the Bahamas my whole junior year of high school. This vacation is going to be so different from all the rest. This is because there is no parental supervision, which means anything goes. Its going to be so nice without someone breathing down your neck. No one to tell you what you can and cannot do. But at the same time journal I am a little worried. I know that Im 18 years old, but am I ready for this responsibility? I have to make sure that I dont get arrested or killed! Even though getting arrested would be a pretty cool story to tell my friends when I get back. This is going to be a trip of a lifetime. My friends and I already planned out half the things were going to do. These things are scuba diving, parasailing, and of coarse partying. We are staying at the nicest hotel in Bahamas: the Atlantis. There is this club there that supposedly celebrities go to called Nubo. Since the legal age down there is 18 we will be able to get in! Ahhhh its going to be so much fun! My friends and I googled so many things about the Bahamas. We wanna make sure that we get the complete experience, the whole shebang! The scuba dive lesson that we booked has a real plane wreck at the bottom of the ocean. Well semi-real it was supposedly apart of a James Bond movie back in the day. Hopefully everything turns out how its supposed to. I saved so much money for this trip so it better be worthwhile. Even though my parents paid for the plane ticket and the hotel I want to make sure I have enough money for spending. The nice thing though is I havent been on vacation for a while. The last trip I went on was the one to Mexico a couple havent been on vacation for a while....
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This note was uploaded on 10/23/2011 for the course ENGLISH 10 taught by Professor Zook during the Spring '10 term at West Virginia State University.

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MGPN - Vincent Phan English 101 Instructor Lisa Bean...

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