Mid-Term reflection - Vincent Phan English 101 Lisa Bean...

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Vincent Phan English 101 Lisa Bean Midterm Reflection My works during and in English 101 had a lot of progress. The papers that I have written during the beginning of the semester have changed a complete 180 degrees. I was able to learn many different writing styles, things that I was not familiar with. An example of this is the multi genre narrative paper. This paper was able to introduce to me many different genres of writing that I never have written. I feel that my communications skills for this class have been improved. I say this because I actually feel that this class has made me an affective communicator. I am able to get my point across to people, but in a manner that is fluid. I never used to be like this before. Things would have to process in my head and it would be difficult for me to arrange things around to get my point across. I felt that I was a little socially awkward, but thanks to this class I am able to think my clear and able to put things together better. I have written many papers in this English 101 class, but I feel that one justifies my writing style. This would have to be all my short writes. I say this because during short writes it’s completely fluid. There are no stops or pauses in you through process. You write
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This note was uploaded on 10/23/2011 for the course ENGLISH 10 taught by Professor Zook during the Spring '10 term at West Virginia State University.

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Mid-Term reflection - Vincent Phan English 101 Lisa Bean...

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