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Vincent Phan English 101 Text in context Lisa Bean Raising in Iwo Jima Introduction An iconic picture was taken on February 23, 1945 at Iwo Jima. This picture was taken during WWII. The picture includes five United States Marines mans and Navy corpsman raising the American Flag. The flag was being raised atop Mount Suribachi. The Photograph was shot by American photographer Joe Rosenthal. The picture depicts in hard times Americans can still stay united. This photograph became very popular and was printed in many other publications. It was also received awards such as the Pulitzer Prize for Photography which is a very predigest award to receive. Iwo Jima is located half way between Japan and Mariana Islands. America did not plan on attacking Iwo Jima, but Iwo Jima was a part of their plan which was known as Island Hopping strategy. The photograph that was taken by Joe Rosenthal is actually the second raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. The audience of the picture was the entire American population. A time where a country is at war, brings it closer than ever. The text itself just represents American pride and how a country can stay united in a time of hardship. Author The author of the text is Joe Rosenthal. He was an American photographer born on October 9, 1911.He was burn in the nation’s capital Washington D.C. His Parents were
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immigrants from Russia. He had a strong passion for photography. After finishing up college, he joined a newspaper company in San Francisco. During WWII Rosenthal signed up to be a military photographer. He was rejected as a military photographer due to his eye sight. The Associated Press picked him up and asked him to cover the war in the pacific. He was thirty three years old when he was sent to the pacific. Rosenthal heard about the flag that was being
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Text in context - Vincent Phan English 101 Text in context...

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