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Chapter 12: Customer-Driven Marketing What is marketing and understand the exchange process What is “utility” and the types of utility Know the evolution of the marketing concept Understand why the not-for-profit sector relies heavily on marketing. o Examples of non-for-profit organizations Know the five major categories of nontraditional marketing What is a marketing mix and what does it include. Why is market research important. Ways of obtaining market research Difference between primary data and secondary data What is data mining What does market segmentation do? What are the different methods of segmentation for both consumer markets and business to business markets? What is consumer behavior? What are some determinants of consumer behavior? Chapter 15: Unsing Information Technology to Manage Information
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Unformatted text preview: Due to a lack of questions in the question bank, please know these specific vocabulary words: o Application software o Operating system o Word processing o Computer virus o Trojan Horse o Worm o Firewall Understand what databases are and examples Understand what a Chief Information Officer is and does What is a management information system and is its purpose? Understand what is the difference between data and information Know the four components of computer-based information systems and examples of each Know the two main types of information systems and examples What are the types of disasters to which information systems are vulnerable? List the tasks regarding off-site data storage. What is an application service provider? What is on-demand computing?...
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