Frankenstein 2

Frankenstein 2 - Frankenstein starts out with a character...

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“Frankenstein” starts out with a character named Robert Walton writing numerous letters to his sister. The letters were about his journey to find the Northern Passage. As his journey progresses it comes to a halt, his ship is surrounded by sheets of ice. While his crew members were waiting for the ice to disperse, they spotted in the distance what seemed to be a being of a very large stature. In the morning Walton and his crew came upon a man on a sledge on a slab of ice. When the stranger came aboard he found out that the ship was headed to northern pole. The stranger was very weak, but recovering slowly. The lieutenant told the stranger that he also seen someone also riding in a sledge similar to his. This captured the stranger’s attention, and he asked many questions. Over time Walton and the stranger become friends. The stranger was talking to Walton and told him he would tell him his tale that may enlarge his faculties and understanding. With this said by the stranger he then becomes the narrator of the novel. The stranger named Victor Frankenstein begins by telling Walton about his childhood. His father Alphonse Frankenstein married his friends: Beaufort daughter that is after Beaufort dies. Her name was Caroline Beaufort who ends up becoming the mother of Victor. About when Victor was four his father’s sister had died. The husband was getting re-married and asked Victor’s father to take care of their daughter named Elizabeth. He accepted the offer and she became a part of the family. Victor also has two younger brothers. Victor found the writings of Cornelius Agrippa and became fascinated with natural philosophy. Elizabeth catches the scarlet fever before Victor leaves for University of Ingolstadt. Although she is able to recover, the same is not said for her aunt. Victor’s Mother dies due to the scarlet fever and requested that Victor to marry Elizabeth. After the death of his mother, Victor goes off to Ingolstadt to further his studies. He meets with the natural philosopher professor M. Krempe. Victor tells M. Krempe the works of natural philosophers he has read. M. Krempe is appalled by the mention of the Authors. Victor finds that
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Frankenstein 2 - Frankenstein starts out with a character...

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