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History Final Study Guide  Impact and Consequences of WWI Terms War guilt clause - Is referenced in the Treaty of Versailles; it states that Germany was at fault for all the damages of WWI. The people responsible for this were mainly Britain, and France, American was also involved by not as much. Refer to Dawes plan. Vladimir Lenin - Was the Bolshevik leader during the October revolution of 1917. He also was the first head of the state of the Soviet Union. Bolsheviks - Were basically the communist party of the Soviet Union. They came to power during the October revolution phase in the Russian Revolution of 1917. They founded the Soviet Union. They were founded by Vladimir Lenin Treaty of Brest-litovsk - Was a treaty signed March 3,1918 between the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and the central powers. This treaty was marking the exit of Russia from WWI. The treaty was pretty much obsolete until the end of 1918. It did provide help for the Bolsheviks during their civil war. This also affirmed the Independence of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, and Lithuanian, but was not mentioned in the treaty. The signing of the treaty caused riots and protests. Russian Civil War, 1918-1921 - Was a multi-party war the occurred in the former Russian Empire after the Russian Provisional Government collapsed. The Bolsheviks assumed power over the Soviet. First at what is now St. Petersburg. The majority of the fighting was between the Bolsheviks red party against the White army (basically allied anti- Bolshevik party). The Ukrainian government was also involved in the Russian Civil war. Spartacists - they were a faction inspired by the Bolsheviks revolution. They wanted Germany to follow down the path to communist revolution. Directed by Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. They opposed moderation and gradualism of the social democratic party, which now controlled Germany’s postwar Government. They declared Bavaria a Soviet Republic. Rosa Luxemburg - Was one of the directors of Spartacists. Refer to Spartacists. Dawes Plan of 1924 - Was a following attempt post WWI for Triple Entente to collect war reparations from Germany. The plan was unsuccessful and the young plan was adopted. The Triple Entente also included The Treaty of
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History Final Study Guide - HistoryFinalStudyGuide Impact...

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