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Class contract Journalism 101 I ____________________________________ acknowledge that the following is expected from me in a Crowley class. 1. I will get to class on time and stay for the duration of the class. If I must come late, I will slip into class quietly or if I must leave early I will let you before class begins and slip out quietly. To do anything else is rude. 2. I will not read the paper, do Sudoku, text my friends, family or neighbors, leave my ear buds in my ears, and have loud extended conversations with the people sitting around me after class starts. To do anything else is rude. 3. I will show up on test day with the correct Scantron (Form #30423) If I do not come prepared to take the test or show up late (8:35 a.m.) to take the test, I will submit to taking an essay test at a later scheduled time. 4. If I must miss class due to a school activity, I will let you know before I leave town or need to miss the class. At that time I will schedule my make-up work
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Unformatted text preview: BEFORE I leave. If I do not schedule before I leave, I may take the test or turn in the assignment for half credit. 5. I realize that attendance is not mandatory but will be taken a random 10 times during the course of the semester. If I must miss the class due to sickness, job interview, wedding, funeral or transportation issues I will email you BEFORE class to get partial credit of three points out of five. You can send no more than three of these emails over the course of the semester. 6. I understand that there is no extra credit in the real world. It is at your discretion if you decide to offer any extra credit opportunities. By signing here I acknowledge that I understand the parameters of the class and my responsibilities as a student. Print Name ______________________________ Date ___________________ Sign ________________________________________________...
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