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Sociology outline Vocabulary words 1. Sociological imagination- the intersection between individual lives and larger social influences. 2. Alienation- the feeling of separation form one’s group or society. 3. Dysfunctional- social patterns that have a negative impact on a group or society. 4. Interaction- action in which people take each other into account in their behavior. 5. Social research- research that examines human behavior. 6. Reliability- the consistency with which the same measure produces similar results time after time. 7. Population- any well defined group of people about whom researchers want to know something. 8. Culture- the learned and shared behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, values, and material objects that characterized a particular group of society. 9. Society- a group of people that have lived and worked together long enough to become an organized population and to think of themselves as a social unit. 10.Material culture- the tangible objects that members of a society make, use, and share.
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