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etc can not can be overloaded 2162011 5 similar

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Unformatted text preview: rator∆( a, b) However, However, some operators like ::, ., etc. can not ::, can be overloaded. 2/16/2011 5 Similar Similar for >> and other operators, one more example: overload “great than” > for Time In In .h file: declare it, bool operator>(const Time & t1, operator>(const const Time & t2); In .cpp In .cpp file: define it, bool operator>(const Time &t1, operator>(const const Time &t2) {return t1.getMilTime() > t2.getMilTime();} In In main.cpp file: use it, Time mealTime, classTime; mealTime, classTime; …… if (classTime > mealTime) (classTime mealTime) { ……… } 2/16/2011 6 2 Examples of Operator Overloading (External) Note Note the overloaded I/O operators << and >> in the expanded Time class >> Fig 4.7 on page 172-176 on 172Δ Note Note these operators overloading are defined as defined external external functions (internal method later). later). 2/16/2011 7 Internal Method: Syntax (compare with external way) Suppose Supp...
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