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Food_ and_ Health_part_ 1_Myplate - dinner, and any snacks....

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HLTH 100: “Food and your Health” Nutrition Assignment Part 1: Myplate (50 points) Go to and create a free account On the upper menu bar, Go to Eat Healthy>Diet and Nutrition Click on Myplate or Myplate D (for diabetics) 1. Calculate your daily calorie goal (you must create a free account to do so) 2. Enter the foods/drinks you consumed for the day. Include Breakfast, lunch,
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Unformatted text preview: dinner, and any snacks. Be sure to enter a Full day of food intake to get an accurate account of your intake. 3. Add your daily water consumption at the bottom right hand side of the page 4. Enter any physical activity that you engaged in today 5. Go to “my meals” , and Save your daily intake totals 6. Upload your saved daily intake totals to the Blackboard Health 100 site...
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